About Us

Worcestershire County Association of Local Councils (CALC) is a not for profit, voluntary member-based organisation open to all parish and town councils across Worcestershire.

We pride ourselves on supporting and informing Local Councils and providing professional advice and training to Worcestershire Parish and Town councils – the first tier of local government.

CALC is a democratic body, through Members taking part in 4 local area meetings they elect from the members representatives to form the CALC Executive Board. The Association also has an important role in liaising with local, regional and national bodies and together with 41 other CALCs in England; Worcestershire CALC is affiliated to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC).

We have built up great partnership links with the Principal Councils within Worcestershire. NALC and Worcestershire CALC also have a great relationship and the Executive Board elects a member to NALC’s National Assembly. Currently Cllr. Sue Baxter from Worcestershire is Chairman of NALC. Membership of Worcestershire CALC also gives membership to NALC.

All Local Councils in Worcestershire are welcome to join, and member councils have a raft of benefits.

Worcestershire CALC Staff

Christopher Wayman

Executive Officer

07926 620274

Caroline Sutton


07858 905785

Gill Lungley

Associate Trainer