We provide programmes of training for Councillors and Clerks, employing specialist trainers to ensure the best quality training is given.

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Clerks of member councils who are studying for the Certificate in Local Council Administration are invited to attend CiLCA support group meetings. We give guidance on and mentoring through the process via our trainer Gill Lungley FSLCC feel free to email Gill about any enquiries

We provide the nationally agreed training module for councils adopting the General Power of Competence.

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Roles and Responsibilities 

A break-down of the roles of the Clerk, Responsible Finance Officer, the Council and the Chairman. Detailing their responsibilities and role within the Local Council sector.

Duties and Powers 

This session looks at the difference between duties and powers. Then investigates the duties of Local Councils and covers the main powers that a Local Council can use to benefit its residents 

1-2-1 Introduction 

A great introductory run through the basics of Local Council life. With loads of times for your questions and is pitched to the level of the incoming Clerk. 

New Clerks Intro 

The next step on the form the 1-2-1 introduction. This looks in more depth at areas of Local Council workings and has the added benefit of networking with other new Clerks 

CiLCA Sessions  

Run by our experienced trainer, they cover the Learning Outcomes for CiLCA and are essential for attendance before embarking on CiLCA 

Basic Employment 

This covers the basics of employing a member of staff. Job descriptions, personal specification, recruitment, contracts and other duties. 

Agendas and Minutes 

Covering what should and shouldn’t be on the agenda or in the minutes as well as best practice on creation of these two key documents.

Understanding Annual Meetings 

Annual Parish/Town Meeting or Annual Parish Council Meeting. Do you know the difference and how to get the best out of both? 

Effective meetings 

How to get the most out of your Local Council meetings, dealing with Members of the Public, Councillors and information. Also making an effective decision. 

Basic Finance 

Covering the basics of how to conduct finance in Local Councils – covering the role of the RFO, Council and Councillors and everything from precept to grants 


Covering how to budget properly. Going through the cycle of budgeting and different ways to do so.

Year end and Audit 

What is the process at year end? Find out how to manage relations with the Internal Auditor and how to submit the return for the External Auditor.


How to respond to Planning Applications and an overview of the Planning Process.

Section 106 and CIL 

Delving in depth with Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy and how it affects your community. 

Neighbourhood Planning 

What is Neighbourhood Planning? How to get started and what it entails. 

Social Media for Councils 

Have you started to engage with your community on social media? Find out what you can do and the best way to stay in touch with your community.

Whistle Stop Tour 

A quick run through of what it means to be a Councillor and the basic information you need to know about your Council and the sector.


A specially designed course covering the main topics of – Purpose, People, Place, Planning and Powers to give Councillors an overview of their role and the work of the Council.


Covering the main topics of Money, Management and Meetings. This highlights how to hold good meeting, deal with public money and how to manage the Council. 


How to be an effective Chairman. Great course to get a better understanding of the role of the Chairman and if you want to step up and be a Chairman in the future. 

Code of Conduct 

What is the Code? How should Councillors behave in their public position? What happens if something goes wrong? 

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